Famous Clothing Brands In Pakistan People of the modern era have shifted vigorously informed regarding the most popular clothing brands in Pakistan in 2018. On the off chance when you would look at multiple markets, you would surely be shocked to see such huge number of leading, final, and optimum brands marks in Pakistan. Those brands are lofty in cost due to the way that they are best with their planning models and stylish ideas. They do make the utilization of the best character in the patching of the trappings.

Famous Clothing Brands In Pakistan

Famous Clothing Brands In Pakistan


1. Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed


With the slogan of “ideas for life”, Gul Ahmed has been managing over the fashion industry for decades. Not only is this label one of the strongest textile players of the country but deal in a variety of yearly fabric that offers a huge range of colours, designs and cuts. From cambric wear to lawn group, Gul Ahmed has always impressed the ladies with its gifts.

2. Khaadi


Founded in 1998 with a vision to re-introduce the old craft of handloom, performed with a difference, Khaadi started as a small set up in Karachi and over the times has surely won a strong stand for itself in the market, with several more stores to its name.

Alkaram Summer Collection

Best Hsy Collection for Bride

Blue Shade Print For Summer

Embellish Print on White



Majestic Gold Collection by Cross Stitch

Multi Printed Formal Cotton Shawl


New Black Prints

Nishat multi color dress

Purple Bridal Lehenga Dress

purple Print Shirt


Roayal Serenity by Cross Stitched

Traditional florals and Pastel Designs

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