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lemon and parsley drink for weight loss
Weight loss is a big problem, and people try to lose their weight with exercise and dieting. Here is a very easy weight loss recipe

Lose 3kg In A Week Without Exercise

How To Lose 3kg In A Week Without Exercise

if you want to lose your weight naturally, without any side effect, as fast as 3 kg in a week. It takes only 5 minutes to prepare and you need to use for 5 days. Remember during this use you also need to control your diet.


A lemon
Parsley 60 grams
Water 300 ml

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Extract lemon juice and cut the parsley into fine pieces. Put both things in a jar and add 300 ml water. Now you this juice before breakfast in the morning, and stop after 5 days. You can restart this recipe after 10 days, and you will notice an obvious lose in your weight.

How To Lose 3kg In A Week Without Exercise


2nd Method

  • Best Diet Plan to Lose 5kg Weight in One Week

You are welcome to examine and exercise one of the simplest approaches to lose weight per week. Please study the full article, don’t go on the duration of this text, I have written this healthy eating plan is very simple and smooth English, in addition to in Urdu, for higher information. In this text, you will be studying how you may lose as a minimum 3kg to 5kg weight within a week and that too without any extra workout plans. This plan is customized mainly for Pakistanis maintaining in the thoughts their consuming habits, matters they like to eat and ease of availability of food items vital for this healthy eating plan.

Benefits Of This Diet Plan

The basic aim of this program is to get a fresh body, weight lose is just a byproduct of practising this program. You can expect the following benefits within 7 days of practising it.

    • Skin shines freely
    • Lose 3KG to 5 KG weight in 7 days
    • Makes you feel energetic
    • Reduces flab around your waist and tummy

First DAY: The Fruits Day

The start is usually the toughest, however, it isn’t too difficult below this plan. So, on day 1, hold your self-faraway from all sorts of parathas, burgers, BBQs and different desi spices. Devour fruits simplest. Yup, you examine it properly, day 1 is a fruit day and you want to rely on end result simplest. You may consume all of the culmination except grapes, bananas and mangoes. You can eat as many culmination as you want, and you’re counselled to consume watermelon, apples, pomegranates (Anaar), muskmelon (Garma) and many others.

Lose 5kg Weight in One Week

This way, you’ll be getting ready your body for upcoming days. Your handiest supply of strength could be fruits and if you most effective consumption muskmelon (Garma) or watermelon, you’d have an awesome hazard to lose as much as 1kg to your first day.

2nd Day: The Vegetables Day

Day 2 is the vegetable day so that you might be eating veggies all day and nothing else, now not even culmination. You may consume as many veggies as you need and can even refill your belly with it so it no similarly cries for greater meals. Boiled or raw vegetables within the form of salad are desired.

Lose 5kg Weight in One Week

You can start your day with one boiled potato and a teaspoon of butter (to give your frame enough energy and carbohydrates for the day), relaxation of your day should be dependent on veggies. If you make it via the second day, you are really dedicated and have enough motivation to finish this plan.

Day 3: fruits + Greens Day

You examine it properly, day three lets in you to eat vegetables and end result both as it’s for a mixture of day 1 and day 2. You can consume culmination you eaten on day 1 and greens on day 2, however, do not consume forbidden end result/veggies like grapes, mangoes, bananas and many others. You could eat any quantity of meals and vegetables, but try to balance the consumption of both, the method does not devour greater end result and less veggies, devour each gadget in balanced quantity and drink at least 10 to fifteen glasses of water within the identical day. Do not devour potatoes on day 3 as your body might be having enough carbohydrates from culmination. By using the cease of day 3, you will sense your inner machine very mild and at ease.

Day 4: the milkshake day

You probably have heard a famous line ‘the whole lot has its perfect time’. This understanding applies to this plan too. Do not forget how you have been informed now not to devour bananas on first three days? Well, on day four you are allowed to eat most 6 bananas and drink 4 glasses of milk.

The Milkshake Day

You in all likelihood have heard that bananas growth weight, but on this plan, they act as a supply of potassium and sodium that your frame desires. In case you prefer, you can use the ones 6 bananas and four glasses of milk to make milkshake too.

Day 5: The Tomatoes Day

Day 5 would provide your taste buds with a deal with. You can consume tomatoes, sprouts and paneer. You may additionally make a soup the usage of tomatoes, sprouts, cottage cheese. You may devour maximum 6 tomatoes and you must drink extra than 15 glasses of water on day five.

The Tomatoes Day

This may cleanse your inner gadget from uric acid and will purify your frame from various pollutants. Tomatoes are an amazing supply of fiber and help in improving digestion gadget. If you make thru day 5, you’ll have lose as a minimum 3 kg weight.

Day 6: The vegetable soup day

No tomatoes on day 6, it is the only difference among day 5 and day 6, rest is all same. You may make tasty soup using sprouts, cottage cheese, beans and many others, or you may virtually use cucumber, garlic, spinach as the supply of electricity for the day 6.

veg soup diet

These greens are sufficient to offer your body with necessary fiber and nutrients. You may sense an excellent exchange for your frame through these days. Make certain you are consuming 10 to fifteen glasses of water on day 6.


Day 7: the final day

The remaining day of this diet regime. Day 7 is the most essential day of this plan. By this time, you may be feeling mild and happy. On day 7, you could eat fresh fruit juice, half plate of brown rice or half of the roti with haandi/saalan of any vegetable. Drink quite a few glasses of water on day 7 too. And earlier than getting to bed that night, check your weight, you ought to have lose at least 5kg weight, and that too in best 7 days.

Essential precautions

  • No fruit juices in first 6 days
  • Drink as a minimum 15 glasses of water every day
  • Drink more water on day 5.
  • No tea. Most effective black coffee or superb tea without including sugar.
  • A 30-minute walk for the excellent effects
  • Do not sleep at once after eating food items, do a little hobby or try to position an opening of as a minimum 30
  • minutes earlier than dinner and sleep.

You may observe this healthy eating plan once more with the gap of 2,3 days and can lose more needless kilograms from your frame. You can reduce at the least 10-kilogram weight via practising this plan strictly for three weeks. Once you lessen your weight, you are counselled no longer to consume unhealthy or heavy ingredients which might be full of energy and fat due to the fact this may be positioned weight on you again and all of your efforts will cross in useless.

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