Resolving some misconceptions about history of Islam PDF Book

Resolving some misconceptions about Islamic caliphs and kings and the history of Islam. Since some people nowadays misinterpret the political system of Islam due to their misconceptions about Islamic history and in this regard criticize the Muslims of the good times, it is considered appropriate to enlighten the readers with a simple understanding book on this subject. It should be done which should be very short as well as reasonable and comprehensive. Therefore, for this purpose, this despicable person chose Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf’s book “Elimination of Some Misconceptions about Islamic Caliphs and Kings and History of Islam” in which all the above-mentioned virtues are found in the same degree.

Resolving some misconceptions about the history of Islam

Resolving some misconceptions about history of Islam PDF Book
If one reads this 5-page magazine in one sitting with complete impartiality, surely many misconceptions about the Islamic Khilafah and Islamic caliphs as well as the Islamic system of politics will be removed, God willing. The book under review is a short essay by the famous Ahl-e-Hadith scholar Sheikh Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf Hafizullah which was read in the third debate held under the Hamdard Foundation in the mid-1980s Published in magazine form. First of all, let’s say that the first advantage of this magazine is its brevity and comprehensiveness. Scholars such as Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf summed up the discussions and ideas that could have required a huge book in a very short essay of a few pages.

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This magazine is not only very interesting from its first line to the last line but also provides very valuable information about the Islamic system of government and Islamic caliphs and kings. Hafiz Sahib begins this article with the title “The Right Way to Form an Islamic State” in which he calls for the formation of an institution at the governmental level that includes, on the one hand, high-ranking scholars who know the Qur’an and Having a deep understanding of Hadith and Islamic jurisprudence, on the other hand, includes such modern educated people who are fully aware of modern issues and are pure Muslims in heart and mind and free from all kinds of Western ideas. In order to guide the people towards the right path regarding the Islamic State and to offer them a solution to the modern problems that have arisen in the light of the Qur’an and Hadith,

Hafiz Sahib said: The behavior of the rulers of Muslim countries, under the heading of “their aversion to Islam and their actions that are detrimental to Islam, is highly questionable.” The case presented by Hafiz Sahib under this heading is worth reading.

Going forward, Hafiz Sahib praised the efforts of the thinkers who fought for the establishment of the Islamic State and the implementation of the Islamic system by establishing the headline “Flaws and Shortcomings of Some Thinkers”. Disagree with the fact that these thinkers, in awe of the present democratic system, have devoted their efforts to making the monarchy a monarch, and in doing so, all the caliphs except the companions of the four caliphs and Amir Umar ibn Abdul Aziz. And the sultans seem to have strong resentments and by mentioning them in an offensive manner, the ignorant governments make their era believe. That is why Hafiz Sahib gives a thorough discussion on the topic of “Khilafah and Monarchy” and proves that the real political system of Islam is permissible. Shari’a does not have a definite debate on what the structure of the political system will be, how the head of government will come to power, and how different societies will be integrated into a relationship of the Islamic community. The Khilafah that Allah promised to the Muslims did not say what its basic constitution would be, there are the words “Kama Istiqlaf al-Din min Qablaham” (as the government was given to the people before them). The more and more forms of government are prevalent in the world, the more the government will be Muslim, the only difference is that the purpose of this government is to establish religion and its laws will be so flexible that every nation in the world will live under them.

Could do If monarchy or monarchy was really a nefarious thing, how strange it is that Islamic monarchies have existed for thirteen centuries, but in no period, including the good times, have the scholars of the ummah criticized or targeted this system of government. Not thousands but millions of scholars of truth have passed away, the monarchy was established in their presence, it happened in the time of the Companions, in the time of the followers and followers, a long list of jurists and narrators can be seen who on different occasions He criticized the caliphs of Islam on various issues but none of them rebuked the caliph for nominating his son after him. No one said that this system of government was not correct. Then the idea of ​​our contemporary thinkers that monarchy and monarchy is utterly cursed was founded by a glorious Companion Syedna Mu’awiyah, by the end of his reign all the distinguishing features of the Islamic government had disappeared. It is a misleading ideology, the propagation of which does not lead to any significant result other than malice from the forefathers. In support of the permissibility of monarchy, Hafiz Sahib also quotes the supporting statements of various scholars and historians.


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