Skincare with various beauty tips related to changing eating and drinking habits and also related to makeup and facial beauty

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To follow the following tips all types of skin remain fresh.

Skin Care And Freshness Easy Tips

Skin Care And Freshness Easy Tips

1: Add one teaspoon of honey in a glass of water and take before breakfast in the morning.

2: Do not use soap.

3: First message your face with the mixture of lukewarm water and face wash.

4: Now wash with simple water.

5: Keep your towel separate, do not use others.

6: After removing makeup wash your face properly.

7: Use base or cream according to your skin type.

8: Do not use any sort of cosmetics that is dangerous to your skin.

9: Wash your face at least double a day.

10: After removing makeup always use a cleanser.

The real method of cleansing:

The best way of cleansing is to take some milk use it with cotton to clean your whole face, and after that make a mix of two tablespoons of rose water, one spoon of honey and one spoon of curd and use it on your face and then wash your face. If you do this custom then your skin will remain fresh.

Skin Care And Freshness Easy Tips

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