Sports News– A local South Korean court has ordered the event’s management to pay compensation to fans for not feeding the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Sports News – In July 2019, an exhibition match was played between the Italian football club Juventus and the South Korean football club in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, which ended in a 3-3 draw.

Cristiano Ronaldo gets fed up with the promotion

Why didn't Cristiano Ronaldo get fed up with the promotion
The match management also announced the participation of Cristiano Ronaldo in the match, after which 65,000 spectators came to the ground to watch the match, and tickets were sold out in just 3 minutes despite being expensive. Tickets for the match cost 30,000 Korean. From one (about 4300 Pakistani rupees) to 400,000 Korean won (about 58,000 Pakistani rupees).
Cristiano Ronaldo was also present at the ground on behalf of Italian football club Juventus, but despite the publicity, he was not given a match, which angered the fans and 162 fans went to court against the administration.

Seoul’s Central District Court has ordered the administration to refund half of the match ticket and pay 50,000 Korean Won (approximately 7,200 Pakistani rupees) in damages. The court ruled that those who had come to Cristiano Ronaldo’s hopes of playing in the match suffered emotionally.

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